Quotes: (Updated Every Tuesday and Thursday)   

Some of my favorite quotes, either for their wit, brevity, brevity and wit, or just profound thoughts found in a simple line.

I may not agree with the whole sentiment, heck the person to whom the quote is attributed might have been a real jerk, but the simple pithy statement is a thing of beauty.


Some of my favorite movie speeches (it all starts with words written by someone) from such films as The Maltese Falcon, Second Hand Lions and The Gods Must be

A little history of the film or television show, a little background story, maybe my personal feelings on it, even a Youtube  video if I can find it.


My Views On The Real World:  Which is how I see the world and how it operates.

(Like cereal some shifting and settling may have occurred while living my life, so my personal views and beliefs may have changed since the time of writing.) 

 I Enjoy Being Lost

You Are Not Special   A Man Should Know Who He Is 

Finding the Normal Average     Comic Books vs. Christianity     

My  commentary on the political world.  America’s Big Game and We Need a Monster and Salesmanship.


Travel and Diversions:  Travel, places I have been and love; plus diversions, simple things for this simple guy.

My most recent article:  Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia                  Reading, Where and How.  

 Gettysburg               Washington D.C.                Bellows Beach                Wilderness Lodge Lobby                   Cook’s Forest,

Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.


Outrageous Lies and Tales:  These are totally and one hundred percent fabrications with no basis in this reality or any other.

Class Cathedral          Unscripted Alien Programming

Great Grandpappy Abner          The place to go for Answers

The Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art is a multiple chapter story, it was posted every Saturday in the summer of 2013.  I might go back and add to it again because some of my readers complained that it was not finished, but more likely I will take it down and re-work it and release it in book form someday.

Newest series of fibs, The Miles Mitchell Mysteries, a private investigator who deals with a lot of cases with a Walt Disney World connection.  Part noir, part trivia, part sappy sentimental story.


The Outfitter Universe:   

Far in the future the Outfitters have equipped members of  human race, who have had ‘no substantial impact on  Earth’s history’ to stand against the Alarians and their allies in the Horde.  A good starting place would be That Was Then This Is Now, a short story set in the first year of the Fleet.

Stories from the Fleet: 

Scouts Out:  The first book length story in the Outfitters Universe.  Leo Grant and the crew of the Arrogant Lion, a long range recon ship,  train and fight to save Earth from the Horde a violent alien empire run by the Alarians.   The entire book can now be found at Smashwords and other fine retailers of electronic books.

Scouts Out the Podcast is my reading of the entire book.

Q Runner:  2nd story in the Outfitters Narrative, the crew of the Free Lunch is tasked with saving lives in deep space, weather they are in danger from accidents or enemy action.  A multiple point of view story of those that man a Rescue Runner in the Outfitters Universe.

The Renegade Tales

Disconnect:  Arthur leaves the Fleet and strikes out on his own to see the universe.  Now available at  


Sword and Sorcery Story: 

Sorry don’t really have a title for it yet, but his has bows, slings, wizards, dragons, elves, haflings, dwarves and all the stereotypical aspects of leaving home, following your dreams and adventure.

   Multi-chapter, work in progress, but since The Hobbit came out this weekend it was an idea that was nagging at me.

(According to a quote found on this blog you know what you should do about an idea that naggs at you. )


My freelance stuff can be found here.  


bear reading

Stuff about me: 

I have flown in Hueys, Black Hawks, private corporate jets, taken a very long ride in a C5-A Galaxy cargo plane to a place with 500 men I still call brothers, and I took a memorable trip in a Russian passenger jet over the continent of Africa.  I have driven motorcycles, luxury cars, tanks and  APC’s, traveled over curvy twisty dirt mountain roads that were one heavy rainfall away from washing out and drove a Hummv thru a Chinese dug natural tunnel and I raced the sun on the summer solstice.   I have traveled the world to places like Egypt, Panama, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Johnson Island and Somalia.  I have seen about 38 of our fifty United States and been inside of every type of correctional institution you can imagine; from the brig on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor to little jails in rural PA, and worked several shifts on death row inside a maximum security prison. The following places have been my home PA, AZ, the ROK, NY, HI, and OH.  I have processed crime scenes and gotten confessions that put bad guys in jail and worked to keep them there, designed security systems, taught, counseled, yelled at, been yelled at, climbed up , fell down, gotten up, been kicked, done some kicking, bled, helped heal, cried, made people cry, built things, torn down things, laughed a lot, and loved. I have been shot at and shot back and have been on the receiving end of crab apples, mortar rounds and RPG attacks.

My heart resides in various places like Rancho Arriba, Penn Township, Tongducheon, Armstrong County and the Laurel Highlands.  My dogs have lived South Philadelphia is where my dogs resided less than a mile from the Phillies Stadium and three blocks from the Broad Street subway line (a lot different from the farm I grew up next to).  I recently returned to Western PA and am now a Parole Agent with a more rural caseload.  I enjoy my day job as a Parole Agent,  I get to do lots of different things everyday (act like a lawyer, kick down doors, arrest people, counsel people, encourage people, write reports which no one reads, talk, talk and talk some more.  I have a nice life and dream of people enjoying my writing.

I think I experience a small portion of the great Love in the Universe when I look at my daughter and realize I had a small part in making her the beautiful, wonderful, funny person she is today.  Life is short it should be full of love, laughs and joy.  Hopefully (and I fail at this regularly) I try and share the joy I have found all before I pass off this rotating, revolving and spinning ball of mud, and if I fail today let me remember there is a tomorrow, but they are not guaranteed.

Further personal things about me and how I see the real world are found in the Category:  My Views on the Real World–  A Man Should Know Who He Is, You Are Not Special, Leaving Troop 313 and Space, Mine and Yours

Not my writing but from my friend at Malcom’s Corner, about backpacking.  Being Alone with Style.

Witty observation, disparaging remark, question for A.A., well this is your chance.

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