Quotes – Bully

I always think of the Joker as the ultimate bully. Nothing he says is funny except to him.   Paul Dini Paul Dini (/ˈdiːni/; born August 7, 1957)[1] is an American animator and comic creator. He is best known as… Read More ›


I have become convinced that everything that is classy doesn’t go away.   Adam West William West Anderson (September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017), known professionally as Adam West, was an American actor known primarily for his role as… Read More ›

Comic books vs. Christianity

(Like cereal some shifting and settling may occur while shipping, so the views espoused may have changed since the writing transpired. This writer reserves the right to change his mind, evolve, adapt, modify his views, adjust and be proven wrong…. Read More ›