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Miles Mitchell is a Private Investigator who specializes in cases in, around and about Walt Disney World. Miles grew up with a Lifetime Pass to the most magical place on earth and uses his pass now to find people, conduct surveillance, and occasionally find a lost train. 


The Outfitter Universe:   Nobodies Pulled From History, Given A Chance To Save Earth

Far in the future the Outfitters have equipped members of  human race, who have had ‘no substantial impact on  Earth’s history’ to stand against the Alarians and their allies in the Horde.  A good starting place would be That Was Then This Is Now, a short story set in the first year of the Fleet.

Stories from the Fleet: 

Scouts Out:  The first book length story in the Outfitters Universe.  Leo Grant and the crew of the Arrogant Lion, a long range recon ship,  train and fight to save Earth from the Horde a violent alien empire run by the Alarians.   The entire book can now be found at Smashwords and other fine retailers of electronic books.

Scouts Out the Podcast is my reading of the entire book.

Q Runner:  2nd story in the Outfitters Narrative, the crew of the Free Lunch is tasked with saving lives in deep space, weather they are in danger from accidents or enemy action.  A multiple point of view story of those that man a Rescue Runner in the Outfitters Universe.

The Renegade Tales

Disconnect:  Arthur leaves the Fleet and strikes out on his own to see the universe.  Available at  

Primary Collision, the 3rd Fleet Story.  The crew of the Arrogant Lion is back and they face the Callahnity who is tasked with discovering the location of Earth.   Also returning are Captain Pickett who appears in Disconnect and Commander Wasboski who lost his leg in Scouts Out.

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