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Intro to Scouts Out the Podcast

Scouts Out podcast (1)


Scouts Out the Podcast will be coming out every Saturday beginning on 20 June 2015.    Each episode will be be in the range of 25 to 35 minutes long.  Now on Itunes.

The wonderful theme music and opening and closing narration was done by the fantastically talented and all round great human beings, people that I cherish as dear friends The Nargeleptics at E over 5 Studios in Maryland.

The cover art (and especially the redo of the original cover art) was done by my incredibly talented friend  Graham Kennedy.

So if you ever wanted to know what my voice sounds like, it will be me reading the book.  Please do not operate heavy machinery, watch small children, or attempt to build any thermonuclear devices until you understand how long you can stay awake while listening.   Building up a tolerance to it before listening and driving may be prudent and while I take no responsibility for you falling asleep while driving I wish no one any harm.  

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