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The Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art – Chapter 18

fantastic_novels_Bmadscientistjpg Again, no real tie in to the story. Just some old covers I dug up.

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Chapter 18

They stood in line at the in front of the old theatre shuffling from one foot to the other trying to defeat the bitter cold. The crowd was not that large but the theater was not open yet even though all the people in line had their tickets already. The movie theatre was an old fashioned a one screen movie house and Gary had initially looked at it skeptically but Andrew had said trust him, this was the best place to see a big action flick and this Justice League movie was just that.

As they stood in line Sharon leaned in close to him, they had spent the entire afternoon in the apartment, keeping the shop closed. They had initially systematically tried to go thru the files, but when Gary had wanted to concentrate exclusively on the file about his father and Sharon had wanted to work thru the files chronologically and Andrew had started following along with Sharon chronologically but then had gone off on a tangent with a report of time travel, it was not long before the apartment was strewn with files laying on top of any flat surface that could hold one.

Gary was the one who had surprisingly called a halt to the file reading and declared they had to leave if they were going to join the customers from the comic book store at the movies. They had just made it in time for the box office to open and then for them to stand around talking to the kids and young adults from the store. Sharon as was the norm was the big hit with the much nerdier customers and some of them were still gathering around her even though Gary and her were holding hands the entire time. Clark and Jimmy were in a deep conversation with Andrew and he had to keep reminding them about spoilers because he had not seen the movie yet. By the time the doors opened and the proceeded thru the lobby they had not been able to have any deep discussion about that they had read in Mrs. Eastman’s files.

Like Andrew had attested, Gary was hugely impressed with the theater, it seems that some time ago a student from the college had come into a large sum of money from a settlement and being a film buff had blown it all entering into a partnership with the old theater owner, they had totally torn out all of the interior and updated the shell with a state of the art projection screen and sound system. The old seats from the 1930’s had been torn out and replaced with fabulously cushioned reclining seats, each positioned perfectly with plenty of leg room. Thus on the outside the movie theater had the classic marquee and art deco design with the flashing lights and neon tubes.

Gary was glad for the distraction of the movie, and Sharon and Andrew were nicely distracted so that he could actually think without seeming to be rude and not answering their questions. He thought that Sharon might have sensed this because she had given him one of her very deep looks that meant many things when he had been the one that broke up the research huddle in the apartment.

Gary had bought Sharon popcorn and somehow Andrew had steered the two of them into one of the many two person seats in the theater and then situated himself and the other customers in rows not close by. As they sat their sharing a large popcorn and a sprite with two straws Sharon whispered to him. “I am not going to ask what you are thinking yet, because I know you have not processed everything yet.”

Gary responded. “Thank you,” then he paused, “So what you said earlier you meant it?”

Sharon tried to bide some time, which was not like her, but stuffing more popcorn in her mouth. “What I said earlier?” She mumbled around the popcorn.

“At Mrs. Eastman’s, you said the you believed her and had seen some strange things yourself.”

Sharon now took a sip of the soda and then answered. “Well not me exactly, I did stretch the truth a little there.” Another sip of soda. “My father, he has seen some strange things in his time and always told us kids to never discount something because it could not be proven.”

“Hmmm.” Was Gary’s response.

They snuggled together in the seat and the previews began. Although out the movie Gary’s mind turned over the details of all that he had learned, and he came to a conclusion, more of a question. ‘What would help him find his father?’ If he decided to disbelieve all that he had been presented, the invisibility, the time travel, even the fantastic story about his father’s crazy creation of a woman, then it would hinder him in finding his father. The entries in his father’s file were sparse. It seemed the investigators automatically dismissed the statements of those who initiated the claim of fantastic scientific discovery’s or breakthroughs as those persons having too much a stake in the claim. The only entries directly attributed to his father were from Mrs. Eastman’s butler, the man in grey, who had placed a single sheet of typewritten page into the file. In it was basic questions, answered with a simple yes or no or true of false answer. The questions were simple and direct. Did you participate in an activity that to the best of your knowledge resulted in a women being formed from you and your friend Gary’s imagination. Answer: Yes. The rest of the statements were pretty straightforward: Did the government assist you in this activity; answer no.

So Gary know had a choice, believe for the purpose of finding his father or decide he did not believe and stop looking for his father because his father had gone down this route of believing these things and that had somehow lead him to disappearing.

It was halfway thru the movie that he decided to at least until his father was found to take all these extraordinary events at face value and temporarily suspend his disbelief and act as though all these implausible things had happened and that was the reason his father was missing. Now that he had that settled in his mind he decided to enjoy the movie, so far from what he could glean from it, it was pretty good with the Super Friends fighting some really nasty guy named Darkside and his cohorts.

Once he was fully engaged in the movie it went by quickly and before he knew it he was back outside with his friends shivering in the cold. They walked briskly back to the comic book store/apartment but not before ensuring that all the “kids” that met them at the movie theater were picked up by a parent or had a ride home. Andrew was the one that made them stop and guarantee this was settled before he would even think about leaving the vicinity of the cinema.

Once back in the apartment the three indulged in some hot drinks and found themselves sitting around the kitchen table where a large amount of research was still lying about.

“Well what is our next step in searching for the Castaways.” Andrew said referring to the Jules Verne book from earlier in the day.

Gary yawned and said fighting another yawn. “I guess finish reading this stuff tomorrow and then back to Mrs. Eastman’s.”

Sharon now yawned. “Ah not tomorrow my dear dear boy, after your stomped off in a huff, Mrs. Eastman told us to come back on Sunday at noon for lunch and she would have more information for us at that time.” Sharon added a stretch and a yawn to punctuate the conversation even further.

After that it was Andrew making a phone call to his mother telling her he would be staying at Gary’s another night and wishing her a Happy New Year. It was then that the three friends looked at each other and began to laugh, here it was New Year’s Eve and the three of them had not the slightest desire but to go to bed before 11:30 after the long day they had had.

The next day Gary was the first one awake and had gone down and changed the sign on the door to say closed until 1:00 pm. Gary figured he would not miss much business last night being New Year’s Eve and all. Then he climbed the stairs from the shop to the apartment and made some tea and toast and was about to sit down and start reading the files when a violent knocking on the apartment door made him almost spill his tea. He muttered to himself and got up as the pounding continued.

He walked to the top of the stairs and was halfway down when Sharon called his name. He turned around and there she was in a very over sized college sweatshirt that was down to mid-thigh. Her hair was a bit tussled but it made her look even more incredible. Gary just stopped dead in his tracts and could not believe this girl, this fantastically beautiful girl liked him and was spending time with him. Then the pounding which had stopped continued. Sharon asked who it was and Gary still incapable of speech just shrugged and forced himself to turn away from the vision at the top of the stairs and deal with the idiot pounding on his door.

Reaching the bottom of stairs he looked thru the peephole and saw no one but the pounding continued. He yelled “Who is it?” In a voice that surely conveyed that he was ticked off.

Then the unmistakable voice of the weird guy from a few days ago came thru the door. “It is Jack Gable; I came into your store the other day and bought a book about Superman.”

Gary decided the pull the guy’s chain for a moment. “Sorry, all sales are final and returns can only be done with a receipt and only for store credit.” Gary looked up at Sharon who was laughing silently and Gary got a chuckle out of that as well.

“It is not about the book it is about finding your father.” The voice of Mr. Jack Gable said coming thru the door.

Gary was interested at this point. “What do you know about my father?” He said with his hand on the door knob about to open it and confront this guy.

“My employer would like to talk to you about finding him and his discovery.”
Gary at this point decided to open the door. Standing there in seemingly the same clothes he had been wearing last time he had seen him, in fact looking at the guys receding hairline it did not look like he had washed his hair since the last time he had seen him.

“Who is your employer and what does he know about my father?” Gary said without as much as a good morning.

“Ah all will be revealed, can you meet my employer at one o’clock at the restaurant of the Double Tree hotel on Elm Street.

Gary decided to play it safe. “No, I open my shops at 1 pm today, tell your boss if he wants to talk come here at twelve o’clock and we will meet in the comic book store.”

Jack Gable shook his head. “Mr. Stuckey will not like that, usually most people who need something come to him.”

“Did I say I needed anything from Mr. Stuckey?” Gary said trying to sound defiant. “Noon, my shop, and I will hear what your boss has to say.”

Sharon by now had come to the bottom of the stairs and was listening to what Gary was saying, unfortunately the smaller man had spotted her and was staring at her doing the creepy licking of his lips again.

Gary caught sight of this and stepped between the two blocking the smaller man’s view of his girlfriend. “Noon Jack Gable, I am sure Mrs. Eastman has plenty of information about my father and that will lead me to finding him without your Mr. Stuckey’s help.” And with that Gary closed the door.

Sharon was frowning now.

“What did I do something wrong?”

Sharon replied with a huff. “Well first off I came down to distract him so that maybe we could get some more information from him, secondly why did you tell him about Mrs. Eastman maybe he did not know about her, and even if he did, now he knows we know about her.” With that she turned and walked barefooted up the stairs.

Gary was torn between watching her go up the stair and enjoying the view and shock in that she had just gotten angry with him about something.

Chapter 19

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The Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art – Chapter 17

archie summer camplittlelulu I will be leaving for summer camp tomorrow, but don’t worry campers, I have already written next weeks installment and it will be posted next Saturday, so just enjoy the lazy days of summer, knowing that I have been sweating and pounding away at the keyboard to get two chapters completed in one week.

Chapter 1

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

“So the question is what does or did my father have to do with her, I mean why direct us to come here?” Gary whispered to the other two.

Sharon nodded and answered in a similar whisper. “Did your Dad need money for his research?”

Andrew leaned in so he could hear Gary’s answer. Gary whispered back. “My father worked on video game controllers, not video games, no video game systems, he worked on hand held controls, you know push the red button, shoot the gun, push the green button make the character jump that type of thing. As far as I know when he left the private industry he stopped doing research. I looked through his books and papers and all he did was teach basic electrical engineering and computer courses.”

Sharon and Gary had talked about this before, but never in great detail. She just knew that he had stopped doing research.

“So why did your father contact Mrs. Eastman?” Andrew asked.

“Gary’s father did not contact me; I am the one that initiated the relationship.”

The voice came from the entrance to the room. There stood Mrs. Eastman, flanked by the man in grey who stood a half a step behind the older woman. She was short and thin, but not frail looking, she was using a cane but Sharon would have guessed that she used it more to make people underestimate her than as a true walking stick. She was dressed in a simple floral print dress that Sharon was sure cost more than the comic book store deposited in a week.

All three of them stood as the older lady entered the room and came around and shook each of their hands then took her seat across from them in a straight back chair with a decorative floral print pillow.

When they were all seated again, and Mrs. Eastman had instructed the man in grey to bring them tea and he had left the room she surveyed them all quietly with her hands resting on the ornate cane positioned to her left. After a detailed study of each of them she spoke. “The answer to your first question Gary is I don’t know. I do not currently know where your father or god father are. The next question you may ask.”

“You said currently, does that mean you know when the might be coming back?”

“Not exactly, although I do know when they will be coming back, but I do know they most likely will be coming back.”

Gary was getting frustrated. “Okay do you know where they were going before the disappeared?”

Mrs. Eastman could see the young man was getting upset but she knew of no short way to answer his questions. “I don’t know exactly where they were going but I do know the mechanism by which they left”

Gary was growing tired of the funny answers. “The mechanism, what exactly is that supposed to mean?”

The older lady let out a sigh and continued. “I am sorry, but there is no way to tell you except to tell you the complete story, and I fear that I might not have enough time to tell you the entire thing properly.”

Sharon chimed in now. “I understand some of the details are very important madam but we have been looking for a way to find Gary’s father for a few months now, any thing you can do to explain it quickly and today would put all of are minds at ease.”

Mrs. Eastman looked at Sharon and smiled then turned her attention back towards Gary. “I will explain as best I can in a short time frame but without all the details, I do not think you will believe me.” It was then that the man in grey came back into the room, and began to serve tea. Once they all had their tea in fine china cups situated she continued. “It all started for me back in college, my boyfriend who would later become my first husband got involved with some very crazy things, things that should not have been possible. Things that almost but not quite broke the laws of physics, biology and mathematics. I cannot go into details right now let us just say that these incredible scientific breakthroughs were not only unsustainable but were never able to be duplicated again.” She looked up at the young people and did not see the disbelief that normally accompanied her stories, maybe because she had left out so many incredible details in an effort to be brief. “Several years later, while my husband worked hard as a biologist he started to document other strange events. Usually taking place around persons with a scientific background but not seeming to obey the normal established logic or cause and effect, similar to what happened to him while he was in college.”

It was then that Gary had enough. “Excuse me Mrs. Eastman, you keep saying strange things, but what kind of strange things are you talking about?”

Mrs. Eastman looked a little embarrassed. “You are not going to believe me, but here goes, a spray on invisibility formula that wears off with water, a super strength formula that is only good for a couple of hours, downloading computer information into a human’s brain. These are some of the things I saw. There are other things like time travel, creating living breathing people using computer, a substance that defies the laws of entropy.” When she made this statements she looked at Gary with hopeful eyes.

Gary looked around at Sharon and Andrew, who were both looking at him and back at Mrs. Eastman. Finally the silence in the room was broken. “Lady you are crazy.”

Sharon looked at Gary and he was about the stand up when she leaned over and whispered something in his ear. He turned and looked at her and she nodded, and then looked at her again as if seeing her for the first time. She then leaned over and whispered into his ear again. He looked at her and she grabbed his hand. Then Gary nodded and looked back towards Mrs. Eastman. “And you said you approached my father, why?”

“Well after my first husband died a put all his papers away, secured, but away. I moved on with my life I married Mr. Eastman and moved here. We had a wonderful life together, but two years ago he died. After a year of mourning I was looking for something to give my life meaning, and while getting rid of a great deal of clutter in my life I came upon Dexter’s research.”

Andrew interrupted at this point, even though he had been silent all this time. “Dexter was your first husband, the one in college who strange things kept happening around.”

Mrs. Eastman nodded and continued. “Dexter’s research was far greater than I ever imagined, in fact he started a research group which is still operating to this day, initially a mail in program, but later updated and moved on-line. Dexter funded it and left the group in place, but every year a report would be generated, well researched and thoroughly investigated stories, that were just on the verge of being impossible but had more than two credible eyewitness that could not be shaken.” Mrs. Eastman stopped to cough at this moment and the man in grey was at her side in a moment, she waved him off when the coughing stopped, but she took the glass of water he offered her.

Gary spoke up as the man in grey took the empty glass away. “You stated earlier all these events took place around people with scientific backgrounds, how did my father figure into all this?”

Mrs. Eastman looked at him. “One of those events occurred when your father was in high school. Did you know your father was a finalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search.”

“Yes, and he would have won if his best friend Gary had not destroyed his entry when he accidentally let the trailer containing the entry drift into traffic and get smashed by and eighteen wheeler.”

Andrew and Sharon both grimaced at this, they had heard a lot of stories about the older Gary screwing up, but that was pretty horrific.

“So what was the incident that occurred when my father was in high school?” Gary asked with a even tone, having heard the story many times it really was just that to him now a story.
“One time when your grand parents were not home, Gary had a crazy idea to a make simulated woman, your father took this idea and ran with it and in some bizarre way they created from all reports a living, breathing, totally interactive, flesh and blood woman.”

Gary looked at the Mrs. Eastman with that look of total disbelief again. Sharon again reached out and held his hand, but Gary did not even notice and stood up looking over the old woman. “You are nuts.” He looked at Sharon who was shocked at his outburst. He looked over at Andrew who was just staring at the old woman as well. “I am out of here.” Gary got around them and stomped out of the room. He was about to walk out the front door and realized he did not have his coat, he walked over to the hidden closet and grabbed his coat and walked out the door leaving his two friends behind.

“Well that went better than I thought it would.” Mrs. Eastman said as she looked towards the two remaining young people.

It was about fifteen minutes later that Andrew and Sharon caught up to Gary walking down Main Street.

Andrew slowed the car and Sharon rolled down her window. “Do you want to walk all the way back or do you want a ride now.”

Gary continued to walk.

“You had better not be mad at me; all I said was let’s hear her out.”

Gary stopped and slid on an icy patch of unshoveled snow almost falling, he then turned towards the car. He was about to say she had said more than that but was caught off guard when he saw that her face was red from crying. “I am sorry,” and he walked over towards the car. He hugged her as best as he could through the open car window. “no I am not mad at you.”

Andrew’s voice came from inside the car. “You are not mad a me are you, I mean I am just the driver?”

Gary laughed. “No I am not mad at you either.”

“Well then get in the car. We have got to get back to the shop.”

“Why what is the big rush?”

“Well if we want to go to the JLA movie tonight at 9 we got a lot of reading to do beforehand.”

Gary responded quickly. “For the last time I am not going to read your ‘list of the twenty comics you should read before seeing the JLA Movie’.

Sharon laughed. “No dummy,” Sharon responded. “Mrs. Eastman provided us copies of her files, and the biggest one is about your father.”

“A file about my father?”

“Not just a file, a big box with interviews, police reports, all kinds of stuff.” Andrew responded and pointed towards the trunk.

“Move over sweetie.” Gary said opening the car door smiling now. “We’se gots some reading to do.”

Chapter 18

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The Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art – Chapter 16

welcomebackkotterclampettsbuyasummercamp If you are any type of success in television they will turn you into a comic book.

Here is Chapter One.

Last week’s Chapter.

Chapter 16

As they trudged thru the cold again Sharon silently shook her head. Guys are clueless. When Gary and Sharon had found Andrew he was sitting on a couch with Bobbie’s bare feet in his lap, and like a lunk head he was rubbing her feet. Gary had coughed to let them know they were back and Andrew looked up as though this was perfectly normal. Sharon meanwhile had been watching Bobbie and saw that she was not pleased they were back so soon.

Gary being Gary and totally clueless had told Andrew they needed to go. Andrew blurted out. “We have another clue?”

Sharon tried to be patient with the guy, while at the same time not wanting Bobbie to have any more information. “Something like that. We need to go now.”

“Some scavenger hunt your guys are on, I hope the reward is a big one.”

“Scavenger hunt?” Gary replied.

That is when Sharon squeezed his hand tight and replied quickly. “Really more of school project, for extra credit.”

“Oh really it must be for you Sharon, I heard Gary was not going to start classes until this semester.”

“Yeah it is for me.” She said curtly. “Guys, we really need to get going.”

Andrew looked down and realized what he was doing, as if he forgot he was rubbing the Bobbie’s feet. He disentangled himself and walked across the large room to his coat.

“Andrew, do you want to go out to dinner tonight, then maybe to party?”

Sometime while zipping up his coat the spell Bobbie had been weaving over him was broken. “No sorry going I am going with Sharon and Gary to see the JLA movie along with a bunch of other people.”

Sharon saw a part of the girl snap, somehow she still thought she had Andrew wrapped around her finger and she saw now knew that was not the case,. “That comic book movie, are you still into that stuff.” Sharon saw the girl change tactics quickly after the snarky comment, she did not burn bridges if she did not have too. “Okay some other time then.”

The three were now walking back across the campus and Sharon was wondering if boys were always this clueless or is it something they grew out of, her father was clueless only some of the time. As they walked along she was half listening to Gary explain to Andrew what they had found in the Jules Verne book.

“So what do you guys think of Bobbie, I think I really liked her hair short, she used to wear it long, but I kinda like it short.” No one replied immediately and then he Andrew added. “Okay so we are going to Main Street, you guys want to grab a slice at Pizza House before we go I am getting hungry.”

“Oh how gross.” Sharon replied.

They had stayed longer at the pizza joint then she had wanted to and now it was past one o’clock when they had gotten back into Andrews car. Gary looked back at her. “We have got to go back to the shop; we need to get the key.”

Sharon was ready for this and reached into an exterior zippered pocket of the bag, “Got it.” she said showing it to Gary.

“You are amazing.” Gary said kissing her hand that he had been holding across the table.

The ride to Main Street was short only a few minutes, and then they turned toward the 600 block.

Sharon noted the numbering system and commented. “Six two seven should be on the right hand side.”

Andrew just nodded and Gary seemed lost in thought. Sharon was about to open her bag and check some items but decided against it. She knew exactly where everything was in the bag, she had checked it once a week for the past month, and she had packed it herself very carefully when this all started.

“Four hundred block coming up.” Andrew stated calmly as he drove.

They were about a mile from the down town area of their small college town and as Gary commented earlier it was all residential, but they were older homes Sharon noted and the yards and homes were getting bigger.

“Five hundred block.” Andrew stated as they crossed another residential cross street.

The houses were definitely bigger now, fancy and older. Andrew spoke up again, acting as a pseudo tour guide. “The houses out this way were owned by higher ups in the coal industry and forestry companies, a lot of coal companies are defunct but some of the houses still are owned by the families, some old money in this town.”

“What was your father doing out here?” Sharon asked, knowing Gary would not have an answer.

“More importantly what are we going to say when we get to this house?” Gary said thinking out loud.

“Well you had better think of something quick because we are here.” And with that announcement Andrew started to pull the car over to the side of the road. Luckily there was a wide paved shoulder.

After getting out of the car Gary looked around, the mailbox was clearly marked in large gold colored letters, ‘627 Main Street’. “This is the place.”

Sharon looked over the house, it was an old Victorian style, very large, probably at least six bedrooms and two turrets, transom above the main door, three bay window, all painted in a very nice yellow and green color scheme.

Gary saw that the driveway and sidewalk had been fastidiously cleaned and freshly salted even though the weather forecast was not calling for snow.

They all looked at each other and Gary was the first to walk up the long driveway, the other followed behind unsure of what else to do. A few minutes later they walked up the front steps to the main door.

“Guess I should ring the bell.” As he looked at the other two, and both of them just nodded silently. He reached out and pressed the ornate button, from inside the house they could hear large chimes ringing. A few seconds later they heard footsteps coming towards the front door. After a few seconds after the approach the door opened and a man dressed in dark grey slacks and a darker grey sweater opened the door.

The older man looked over the three of them and immediately said. “Your boss stated you were due to arrive at 3pm sharp it is not even 2pm, why are you here so early.”

Gary was about to answer, when the man continued. “And you were given strict instructions to come in the back door, which is where the kitchen is, I will not have you traipsing through the main hallway before the guests come, the floors have just been waxed.”

Gary responded. “Ah we don’t have a boss, we are here about my.”

The man was taken back for an instant, but then saw his mistake. “Oh you are not from the catering company, sorry about that, but I am sorry we are not interested in buying anything, nor in signing any petitions, I am very busy right now, good day.” The man started to close the door dismissing the three of them. And with that the door closed in their faces and they heard the man walk away.

Gary looked at the other two a bit shocked. Sharon stepped up close to Gary now, and rang the doorbell twice.

The footsteps came back a little quicker now and the door opened suddenly. The man was still as calm as before but he was a little more adamant in his tone. “I am sure whatever you want is important but so is my time, please leave now and do not ring the bell again.” And if a door could be slammed without slamming it, this one was.

Andrew started the leave the porch and got to the top step and turned to see if the others were following him, Gary had turned and was about to regroup at the car, but Sharon just stared at the door for thirty seconds.

“Oh he did not.” Sharon said, and reached out and pushed the doorbell in a rapid staccato fashion. Andrew and Gary could hear the chimes make some weird noises, as the doorbell was pushed and released repeatedly.

This time the footsteps coming back to the door were quick and as quick as the door had closed before it opened this time.

Sharon was ready for the man and held up her hand as if to say stop. “We are looking for his father Wyatt and his godfather.” She said pointing with her other hand, towards Gary.

This along with the hand motion stopped the man and he looked at Gary who was standing next to Sharon. “You are Gary, Wyatt’s son?”

“That is me.” Gary said as he was looked over by the man.

The man in grey looked around quickly to see if anyone else was around, and then he spoke again. “Are these friends of yours?”

“Yes.” Gary answered, wondering who else he would be hanging out with on a stranger’s porch on New Year’s Eve.

“You were not followed here were you?” The man in grey said peering up and down the street.

Andrew looked towards his car, and answered the question. “Not as far as I know.”

The man looked at Andrew. “That’s your car on the street,” he said not really a question “move it back behind the garage. You two come inside your friend will join you after he moves his car.”

Sharon and Gary followed the man into the house; it was a beautiful entryway with an impressive wooden staircase and ornate floors.

“I will be right back.” The man disappeared down a hallway and thru a set of doors.

Gary and Sharon looked at each other and unzipped their coats as the house was warm, a few minutes later Andrew open the door cautiously and when he saw they were standing there entered as well shutting the door behind.

The house was quiet and they could hear a grandfather clock ticking somewhere.

The man in grey reappeared a few minutes later. “May I take your coats, and Miss if I may your bag.”

Sharon responded quickly. “My coat sure, but not my bag.”

“As you wish.” He took the coats and hung them up in a closet that was almost hidden by the ornate woodwork in along the wall.

“If you would follow me, and make yourselves comfortable in the drawing room. He led them into the front room of the house, decorated with very formal furniture and he motioned for them to sit on the love seat and an overstuffed chair. Andrew took the chair and Sharon and Gary sat on the loveseat. Once they were sitting, the man in grey stood in the center of the room. “Mrs. Eastman will be down shortly, can I get you any refreshments, water, tea, coffee.”

The three shook their heads silently.

“Very well, again Mrs. Eastman will be down shortly.” And with that the man in grey left the room.

“Any clue who Mrs. Eastman is Gary? Sharon said in a whisper.

Before Gary could answer Andrew answered. “Oh, she is the richest lady in town, maybe the richest person in the county.”

Chapter 17