Something traumatic in my life.

I had a much longer essay written for today, but due to advice from my wife I will not post it at this time due to possible legal and employment ramifications. Here are the bare facts of my story.

I was involved in an incident with my employer’s car when a child ran into the street from between two parked cars. The child, as far as I could tell was fine afterwards. Aid was rendered by paramedics and the parents did not have the child taken to the hospital at that time. It was, and remains a very traumatic event for everyone involved, including myself.

As for possible legal ramifications, I was not cited by the police at the scene, but there is always the possibility of civil legal action at a later date. So until such a time when I consider it prudent and proper, I will not divulge any more details or go into it further in writing than what I have stated here and in the official statement.

Thank you for all in advance for your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers that I am sure will be sent my way. Remember my friends be extremely alert and careful when driving around children it only takes a split second to change a life forever.

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