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From a movie I have not seen yet, but I just might look it up now, Up the Down Staircase. Not much about the actor Paul Bedford who delievered this speech.

Paul Barringer: They say a writer should stick to what he knows. What nonsense. What did Dickens know about French Revolutions? What did Shakespeare know about Moors in Venice? If he stuck to what he knew, we’d have no Othello, we’d have no Alice in Wonderland, we’d have no Treasure Island. You brats think that I and Miss Barrett stand up there day after day, talking about books, and the writing of books, just for the hell of it? You think it’s got nothing to do with YOU? A writer creates a book. And individual creates a life. For a writer to create a masterpiece, he’s got to think beyond what he knows. For an individual to create a life, even a half-way decent one, he’s gotta go beyond what he knows. Go beyond the poverty, the dope the disease, the degeneracy. Go beyond the oceans to the alps… a magnificent replica of which the board of education has generously donated. Stick with what you think, and that’s what you’re gonna be stuck with. You may as well get out. Now! All of you… Miss Barrett’s class dismissed. All of you dismissed for the rest of your crummy lives. Some of you prefer to leave by the window. I prefer to leave by the door. Punch me out. Will ya, Teach?

I really enjoyed the advice, being an aspiring writer. Sorry gang no YouTube clip this week.


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  1. Great speech. I wish I would have hear it delivered in school.

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