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I have published a book, available now in all e-book formats.

Scouts Out by A.A. Forringer for the very low retail price of 99 cents.

It is science fiction, so if that is not your cup of tea, pass this announcement on to someone who likes that nerdy geeky stuff. If your kid likes Star Wars pass this along. If your niece likes comic books forward this message to her. If you see a kid walking down the street wearing a t-shirt your don’t understand disseminate this information. If a grown man you know has a Batman sticker on his truck and he has a computer tell him to buy this book. If a woman you know likes Manga buy tell her to check it out.

Remember Scouts Out by A.A. Forringer available at and and from other fine retailers (It should be at Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the Apple store in a couple of weeks).

Free preview of 44% of the book at (Now some of you who have navigated around this site know that I had the entire book here until recently, no one ever read it as far as I can tell, maybe because of the format, maybe because it stunk on ice, well whatever the reason, now you can’t read the whole thing unless you pay for it, so sorry but you snooze you lose. That sounded harsh, of course if you want to buy it and can’t swing it I will send you the 99 cents in the mail, I mean if you have gotten this far in the announcement you must be a nice person.)

Hurry while supplies last (of course it being an e-book as long as the internet is around supplies are infinite, of course if their is a EMP which wipes out the grid of North America, and you have not downloaded the book onto your Kindle then you will have to go thru the entire apocalypse not knowing the story of Captain j.g. Leo Grant and the crew of the Arrogant Lion).

Okay here is the cover art. ScoutsoutCover

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