The Wolf is the Best Animal

Wolves are the best animals.  There I said it, all other animals are secondary and are not as good as Canis Lupis.

The wolf is a very close ancestor of the domestic dog; dogs are more loyal, more protective and loving than then most people. Wolves have those same characteristics but are also wild, feral, non-domesticated.  They live a pack and mate for life working together in hunting, protection and raising their young.

How could anyone think that any other animal is the better than Canis Lupus? Not like the lame Monarch Butterfly.

Now the Monarch Butterfly is amazing in and of itself, as adults they live about 2 to 6 weeks except for the ones born to migrate then those ones live 6 months, with a wingspan that is only three to four inches they can fly up to 3000 miles during migration, if they have to, they can do a form of hibernation until conditions are favorable to fly again. 

How could anyone think that any other animal is the better than the Monarch Butterfly is beyond me. Not like the lame sloth.

Now sloths, that is an amazing animal in and of itself, they actually hang upside down for 90% of their lives, they are the slowest moving animal on the planet, but can swim three times faster than they can walk.  Sloths can turn their head 270 degrees and sleep 15 to twenty hours a day. Sloths even have a symbiotic relationship with the algae that grows on them, the algae gets a place a live and the sloth gets very natural camouflage.

How could anyone think that any other animal is better than a sloth is beyond me.  Not like the lame octopus.

Now the octopus, that is an amazing animal in and of itself. Over 300 different species, ranging in size from 1 inch to 14 feet, they have 3 hearts and can squirt ink, the sometimes have been known to punch other octopuses when hunting to change behavior during cooperative hunts. 

How could anyone think that any other animal is better than an octopus is beyond me. 

But this is the world we live in, if you look, if you examine, if you delve deeper into things you find amazement in the natural world. On the surface you see a simple (fill in the blank) but when you use your natural curiosity, if you let yourself dive deep into just a simple thing, if you go beyond the surface, look, learn, listen, examine, investigate the natural world you can learn some amazing things. 

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