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Slingshot Targets

Not a typical post here at but I did this to get a little more traffic to the site and to share one of my interests with my readers. I was going to build the target anyways and so I figured I would give this a shot (no pun intended). I also have never posted pictures on my blog so I wanted to learn how to do that.

Welcome everyone coming over from 13Skills.Com. I built this little set up so I could do a little target practice from my deck without having to reset targets all the time. I also wanted something that if Mrs. Forringer was not happy with I could easily take down.

For all my regular readers, or for those that stumble in here by accident, 13 is a place to challenge yourself to learn 13 new skills in 2013. To find a list of the skills I have challenged myself to learn click here at my public profile: TwoXForr

I wanted some reactive targets, something that would move when I scored a hit. I also wanted something small enough so that if I ever had to hunt squirrels or rabbits with a slingshot it was close in size. (for those of you who don’t know I teach wilderness survival skills to Boy Scouts) {I know a bunch of you out there are saying but traps and snares are a more efficient use of energy in a true survival situation, but gosh darn it, slingshots are cool and fun}. The only item that was even relatively new was the colored tape and the 550 cord, but they were already sitting around the house anyways. The water bottles I salvaged from the recycling bin and the broken shovel handle was something I had just laying around the house (I had a angry moment with some snow this winter and the shovel paid the ultimate price)

So here is where I placed the target, had to clear a few limbs first. But then I made sure the broken handle would fit where I wanted it.
(And yes that is my German Shepherd, Tater, watching me.)

So the next step was drilling a couple of holes in the old handle. handle

The next was getting the targets together. I grabbed the water bottles and ran into some difficulty putting a hole in the bottom for the 550 cord, maybe if I would have heated up a screwdriver to use as a hot knife but after some struggle I got the holes in the bottom and threaded the cord thru. I later put some tape on them just for aesthetic purposes.

So then I went outside and hung them up. Realized I did not want them hanging down very far (so wasted a bit of 550 cord).

(By this time the dog was bored and was watching me from the porch)

So here is the view from the porch with my Daisy sling shot. The plastic bin contains some rocks I picked up to use as ammunition.

The whole project took me about an hour and 15 minutes.
You are probably asking, “well how was the shooting?” Good, I am a pretty instinctual shooter and the first ten shots were about 2 for 10 with some near misses (my goal is ten for ten at I did have to go down and shorten cord on the white one, the first hit on it made it spin around and hang at a funny angle so I had to shorten the cord even more. (P.S. Mrs. Forringer approved the easily removable eye sore; her words not mine, and would have preferred some prettier colored tape).

Witty observation, disparaging remark, question for A.A., well this is your chance.

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