Announcements, Announcements, Announcements


Well I am going to make a change, Quotes will only be appearing twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday.

Why you may ask, well I don’t seem to be getting much traffic for the posting and I am running out of my favorite quotes at this rate.

Most of the quotes you see are ones I have collected over the years. Well my collection while still growing is finite. So instead of scurrying around looking for good stuff I thought I would limit my input for a while. I get so few “Likes” or “Comments” I figure no one would really mind. Plus it is summer time and traffic has been a little slow.

I will posting this Announcement three days this week and that way everyone should know.

New Chapters of The Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art will still be coming out every Saturday as promised until the story concludes and new content such as Movie Speeches or something else will come out every Sunday.

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Witty observation, disparaging remark, question for A.A., well this is your chance.

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