“We’re not going to come out of our present problems by going backward. We can only come out of them by going forward, and part of that thrust forward will be to push exploration of space, exploration under the sea, exploration into the infinitely small and infinitely large. There is no hope in saving the number of people we have on this planet now by primitive technology and the village green… The only way to get out of a badly built building…is to build a better building, not go back and sort of burrow in the sand.” Margaret Mead, Anthropologist, on the landing of Man on the Moon. (From William E. Burrows book, This New Ocean, page 424 hardback)

the new oceanGreat book. Here is where you can buy it.

MargaretMeadMs. Margaret Meade Although some of findings have been called into question due to some bias on her part, a revolutionary for women in science in her day.

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