Leaving Troop 313

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It is with a great deal of emotion that I tender my resignation as Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 313. The reasons I am leaving have nothing to do with the worthy and great Scouts, Adult Leadership, Committee or Parents of the Troop.

As many of you know I try and stand firm in my faith, in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It if for that reason alone that I am leaving Troop 313 but not Scouting. God has lead me to see a great deal of need for strong men to stand up and help boys in the city of Philadelphia. I am a Parole Agent with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and everyday I work with men that have been through the criminal justice system. One of the first questions I ask them when we meet them, a question that reveals so much about them ‘Tell me about their father’. Close to 90% of the time I hear a story of abandonment, drug use, or incarceration. Their father was not around. This to me is one of the great preventable tragedies of our time, which leads to even greater problems in our county.

I try and follow God’s leading in my life and right now, at this point in my life I know God is leading me to work with a Scouts in West Philadelphia. I know with my limited abilities and talents my efforts it is anyone’s guess what the results will be, but I feel as though this is where God is leading me.

It will not be easy. I am trading in a Troop that is not only close to my home and heart, but is well established both in leadership, finances and parental support for a totally unknown situation. But I do not believe life is about taking the easy road, life is about challenges, hardships and difficulties so that when I stand before God on the day I die, and he asks what I did with the life he has given me I can honestly say to him. “I did not sit around eating Cheetos and watching movies the entire time; I did some hard things trying to make an impact.”

At summer camp on Friday July 26, I will be telling the boys and adult leaders about my resignation. I will miss them more than they will know, even now as I write this I am getting a little choked up, and only God knows how I will be able to get through making the announcement without shedding a tear or two. Till my dying day some of my fondest memories will be of discussions I have had with the Scouts, talking about the outdoors, adventures and just silly topics. I have made great friends among the leaders and have been truly privileged to help some good boys grow into great men. I am deeply, deeply proud of “my boys”, not a single one of them has ever let me down.

I have said it many times over the years, that I believe I have gotten more out of Scouting then the boys have. I know Scouting has required me to try and be a better man.
I expect to be back for some Eagle Ceremonies, but more importantly I expect “my boys” to grow into men who have the Scout Oath and Law embedded in their hearts.

Remember my three rules of Scouting:

1. You are not Special; the Rules apply to you too.

2. There is such a thing as a dumb question.

3. Have Fun

Yours in Scouting
Aaron A. Forringer

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  1. Aaron, as a long time fan of your stories, tale tales, and training, I can only say that wherever you end up will be much better for your presence. You have been an inspiration for many young men, and this old leader. Troop 313 will carry on, as it has for many years. You will be missed, but I am very sure that the Mr. Forringer stories will be told for years, and grow in size and humor as they are re-told. Your choice to take your knowledge to a new Troop and help a new Troop is truly a fine example of what Scouting is all about, and at it’s core the basic charge that Christ laid on all his followers – “feed the hungry, help the poor, visit those in prison, take care of the sick”. I’m sure you will do well, and if you ever need some help, feel free to ask.

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