Apology – Speech

The African Queen A must see, mostly a give and take, push and shove, back and forth between Hepburn and Bogart. The whole speech is set up to say he was sorry for being nasty to her earlier.

Well, Miss, ‘ere we are, everything ship shape, like they say. Ah, it’s a great thing to have a lady aboard with clean habits. It sets the man a good example. A man alone, he gets to livin’ like a hog. Ha, ha. Then, too, with me, it’s always: ‘Put things off. Never do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow.’ But with you: ‘Business before pleasure.’ Every time. Do all your personal laundry. Make yourself spic-and-span, get all the mending out of the way, and then – and only then – sit down for a nice quiet hour with the Good Book. I tell you, it’s a model – like an inspiration. Why, I ain’t had this old engine so clean in years, inside and out. Ha, ha. Just look at her, Miss. See how she practically sparkles. Myself, too. Guess you ain’t never had a look at me without my whiskers and all cleaned up. I bet you wouldn’t hardly recognize me, works that much of a change. Freshens ya up, too. If I only had some clean clothes, like you. Now you – why you could be at high tea. Say, that’s an idea, Miss. How’s about a nice little cup of tea? Now don’t you stir, I’ll be glad to make it for you.

Uh, how’s the Book, Miss? (no answer) Well, not that I ain’t read it. That is to say, my poor old Mum used to read me stories out of it. (no answer) How’s about reading it outloud? (silence) I could sure do with a little spiritual comfort, myself. (Yelling at her) And you call yourself a Christian! Do you hear me? Don’t ya? Don’t ya? (at the top of his lungs) Huh? What ya being so mean for, Miss? A man takes a drop too much once in a while. It’s only human nature.

Katherine Hepburn: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.

Miss, I’m sorry. I apologize. What more can a man do than say he’s sorry, huh? (no answer) You done paid me back, Miss. You didn’t even leave me a drop. Miss, have a heart. Fair is fair. You gotta say somethin’, I don’t care what it is, but you gotta say something. I’ll be honest with ya, Miss. I, I just can’t stand no more of this. I-I just ain’t used to it, that’s all.

The clip from Youtube.

The neatest bit of trivia about this movie, it inspired a ride at Disneyland the Jungle Cruise. (as opposed to some recent movies inspired by a ride at Disneyland). I wonder if Michael J. Fox while being a Skipper on a Jungle Cruise boat in Disneyland ever wanted to be Bogart, of course Bogart had him beat in height by 3 1/2 inches.

After doing further research it now appears Disney will be making a Jungle Cruise movie starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, and the circle will be complete.

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