Announcement: Itunes Problems


Me dealing with Itunes.  Just when I got though everything I go back to square one.

My podcast Scouts Out has been eliminated from Itunes, no reason given, not sure what the problem was.  Let me assure you I will not rest until the issue is solved (well maybe a nap)(well maybe a goodnight’s sleep)(well maybe a little Netflix) but I am working on the problem.  


Now Found on the following podcast sites:

The Introduction to Scouts Out the Podcast  Episodes 1 and 2

  Episodes 3 and 4  Episode 5 and 6  Episode 7 and 8   Episode 9 and 10    Episode 11 and 12   Episodes 13 and 14

Episode 15 and 16    Episodes 17 and 18   Episode 19   Episode 20 and Bloopers

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