A Fire

flamesTwo people, both are cold, both lonely, each a bit lost and unsure. They find each other in a big forest as the sun goes down.  Somehow they find a place out of the wind with the means to build a fire.  This couple might be able to create a spark and then flames but then a big decision must be made; how to deal with the night.

The pair may build a big roaring fire recklessly throwing logs on till they have a bonfire.  This fire will light up the night. This blaze may quickly dry out damp clothes and make the duo feel safe and warm and sometimes produce a little sweat from the inferno they created together.  

Or this couple can build slowly, feeding the flickering flames cautiously placing every bit of fuel just so. Meticulously caring for their fire. The glow from the small fire may provide just enough light and just enough heat to keep the chill off and warm them.  A small campfire can be a comfort, uplifting, soothing and if you stare into it long enough still mysterious.

The leaping and dancing flames of a bonfire may consume all the fuel quickly and once gone the heat may not last till dawn, leaving the couple in the cold and dark with just the memory of the blaze they built together.  Their clothes might even be singed on one side but be damp on the other.

The first is fast and comes with understandable risks but it can be both glorious and crazy and just what the two people need.  The second comes with the necessity of both patience and perseverance but it can be reassuring, enduring and agreeable the entire night long. 

Neither way is right neither way is wrong.  But it should be discussed by the two cold lonely people making the decision together.  No one else is there, no one else’s opinion really matters. 

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