The Battle of Bushy Run

This was my first freelance article and moved me from hobby writer to a professional freelancer.  I completed the assignment in five days and Sunflower published it with very little editing.  There was a small amount cheating involved, I grew up very close to this park and have spent hours in the museum and the battlefield.  (My brother’s Eagle Project was to plant trees here, which I am proud to say are still there.)   So, I  did not have to do much research to complete the article.  

There is one flaw The Battle of Bushy Run was during Pontiac’s War, not the French and Indian War as the sub-title states, but it is a common mistake.  I wish they would have used different photographs but that was something beyond my control.    

I do not own the rights to this article they are owned wholly and fully by Sunflower Publishing and any discussion for reproducing this article in part or in whole must be done with them.

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