Hey Marvel How About These Scenes

I am a comic book geek and while I enjoy most of the DC characters I am a Marvel man from way back.  I am also a writer and I would love to be asked to write anything for Marvel (or DC I am not picky).  So if anyone knows Kevin Fergie, Joss Whedon  or anyone else with some juice at Marvel please share this with them.

These first two are predicated on the idea that Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-man.

           1. Aunt May starts blowing up Happy’s and subsequently Tony’s phone.  

          Tony shows up and just as Aunt May is starting to yell at him, he introduces Pepper Potts and then he runs away.   Cut to several hours later, Tony                      returns, May and Pepper are drinking wine on the couch and May lays down the law.  

                         -He (Peter) is not to go after super villains.

                        -He is to not to let his grades suffer.

                        -Tony is to provide him with the safest suit possible.

            Tony lets slip about the parachute and Aunt May gets red in the face again. 


  1. Opening Scene for Spiderman 2.

            The scene opens on him fighting the Lizard in the sewer and it moves to the street.  He wrestles a vial of  liquid into his mouth and he turns back into Dr.              Conners.   It is caught on tape and when he gets home May yells at him for fighting super villains.  Peter explains he was not fighting him he was saving              a friend and May relents.  


  1. In every superhero team up movie there is a scene where the Heroes meet and misunderstand each other. Here is a a scene I would love to see for Avenger’s Infinity Wars. (or possibly a One Shot)

Peter Parker gets a call from  Happy Hogan to go meet at guy at an address he is going to send him. Peter asks if the guy is cool and Happy says Tony would not send him someplace dangerous.  Peter goes into the house in Greenwich Village thinking the guy is a friend of Tony’s. You next see Spider-man hanging upside down in the Dr. Strange’s trophy area and being caught by Wong, who throws a knife at Peter thinking he is an intruder.      Pete webs him up and that is when Dr. Strange walks in to both Wong and Spider-man hanging upside down in the trophy room. Dr. Strange immobilizes Peter and after a revealing spell he determines that Spider-man means no harm and he was sent to by Tony Stark. The scene closes with Peter asking Dr. Strange if he could use the revealing spell to see if a girl likes him. Dr. Strange rolls his eyes.


Marvel I will be awaiting your e-mail ( aaforringer@gmail.com )  and a check. 

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