This Place Was Made For People

Wrote this during the Covid shut down while working for The Walt Disney Company.


Say what you will about the Grand Canyon



And other places of natural beauty and grandeur

But our place only gets prettier with people.

Here there are races and ballgames

Silly challenges and serious professional competitions.

There are meetings and conventions where deals are struck, mergers happen and the dissolution of musical groups.

But mostly there is storytelling.

Tales of princesses and lovable losers, disguises and confusion.

Fables of discovery, change, sadness and friendship.

But without people, without our guests experiencing it, it is just a lot of buildings and sidewalks.

We miss our guests

We miss the families that are here for the first time.

We miss the groups of friends that come here and laugh.

We miss the couples that are here for their hundredth time.

We are still here

Trimming trees

Pushing brooms

Patrolling the parks

And making sure it is ready when our guests come back and are part of our story again.

This place was made for people.

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