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Seabiscuit (2003)

My fifth book.

My fourth in the Outfitters Universe is completed.

This is my 3rd in the Fleet Stories.

It took me a little over 6 years to write it from the time I wrote the outline on Amtrak to Philadelphia returning from visiting friends in Baltimore. It was a great weekend, one of the most creatively productive two days of my life. I helped write the theme music for my podcast and then had a host of ideas including the entire outline for Primary Collison.

About the 6 years, it took me a long time yes, why, no clue.  Its not like I was not busy, moved, 3 times, started freelance writing (7 articles), retired, started working at Walt Disney World, wrote 7 Miles Mitchell Mysteries (which will later be a book when I get the money for a decent cover) and I read and edited Scouts Out into and audible format.

So I guess I was a little busy but not so busy I could not have finished the book so much quicker. But maybe I was just not ready for it to be finished.

Through it all were my very good friends encouraging me, Dawn and Scott. They talked me through difficult parts and inspired me to write the good parts.

I am not alone and hopefully, if you like the Outfitters Universe it will add some joy to your life.



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