Interviews of Bloggers I Follow- Stressing Out Student

This is the interview questions I sent out to all the bloggers I read, the third is the series is Stressed Out Student at Stressing Out College.  So I hope you all like the questions, I  continue with the Even/Odd Methodology, one serious one not so much.  I will use Stressing’s Icon to denote her answers and the other Icons to denote my questions.  I hope you can figure out who is who.  

groundhog3 French fries: Shoestring, steak, curly, crinkle cut? What condiment(s) on them?

stressingoutstudentSmiley fries with ketchup, please and thank you. 

Groundhog5How long have you been blogging and why?

stressingoutstudentI started “Stressing Out College” just over three years ago to chronicle my college career and alleviate the stress of said college career. 

groundhog4What odor/smell/fragrance to you is the most pleasant?

stressingoutstudentTaiwanese night markets. The stinkier the better. 

groundhog6Favorite things to read? What genre? (you may expand on this if you so desire)

stressingoutstudentI enjoy a lot of different books from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment to Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell. Sherlock Holmes was my idol during my teen years – and still kinda’ is – and the man from The Stranger is my shadow. And I’ve found certain business books, such as The Fifth Discipline, to be fascinating philosophical and insightful works on culture and society. 

groundhogA boat you are riding in is about to capsize what did you do to contribute to this?

stressingoutstudentBoat? I thought we were in a submarine. 

grounhog9What is the best thing about blogging?

stressingoutstudentRanting to the world wide Interwebs about useless stuff. And having people enjoy (or at the very least tolerate) this ranting. 

groundhog7How much ground can a ground hog, hog, if a ground hog could hog ground?

stressingoutstudentA.A., have you been taking the drugs again?

groundhog8What is the worst thing about blogging?

stressingoutstudentLosing motivation to blog, even though I still feel the urge to write. I simply don’t know what to write about sometimes. There’s only so many ways in which I can talk about how stressful college is or how fun college is or how much I love Monty Python. 

 groudhog7If you could force one famous person to read your blog who would you force, and how much would you force them to read?

stressingoutstudentEr, I would have to polish up a lot of stuff. I don’t think I’d invite anyone I respect to actually read my blog. It would just be embarrassing. 

groundhog3Where do you hope blogging will lead you too?

stressingoutstudentTo great minds near and far. I love reading all the different perspectives people bring to the table – some are wonderfully intelligent, others painfully stupid. But all are useful because the world really takes all kinds. 

Again, thanks for thinking of SOS 🙂
Stressed Out Student
She is a fun read, and from a different point of life than I am in so it is doubly fun,  some of my favorites have been Update: I’m Abandoning Y’all for the Mormons (just that title alone got me going, Huh?),  Meandering Thoughts on the Eve of My 21st Birthday (I really loved the video at the end),   and  For No One Can See Me and Live… Until YouTube (with a music video at the end).

Thanks and go read her blog for a nice chuckle and it makes me glad I am not in college.

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  1. Got confused – thought I was the groundhog 😉 This is a cool series you got going on. I love discovering bloggers I may never have come across otherwise. Keep on keeping on!


  1. Update: Three Weeks into the Academic Quarter… What the Hell Am I Doing? | Stressing Out College

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