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Lonely Are the Brave:   Jack  W. Burns (Kirk Douglas) is a cowboy who is ill at ease with the modern world of the early Sixties. He rolls his own smokes and cuts through fences when they are in his path. He carries no ID, not even the requisite draft card. He is on a collision course with the world around him. When he learns that his best friend has been jailed for helping illegal aliens he gets himself arrested so he can break his friend out. When his friend refuses to become a fugitive Burns breaks out on his own and sets off a manhunt. Pursued by mild-mannered Sherrif Johnson (Walter Matthau).

A bit of a love story, end of an era story, man against society story,  a good fight scene, a prison escape.

Jack Burns: I didn’t want a house. I didn’t want all those pots and pans. I didn’t want anything but you. It’s God’s own blessing I didn’t get you.

Jerri Bonds: Why?

Jack Burns: ‘Cause I’m a loner clear down deep to my guts. Know what a loner is? He’s a born cripple. He’s a cripple because the only person he can live with is himself. It’s his life, the way he wants to live. It’s all for him. A guy like that, he’d kill a woman like you. Because he couldn’t love you, not the way you are loved.

Michael Douglas believes this is one of his father’s best movies and Steven Spielberg states in the commentary track that this is one of his favorite films.

The full film, the speech is at 51:44.   


Of course his Kirk Doublas is probably most famous for:








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