Interview- Maddie The Hun

This is an interview with my friend Maddie the Hun, @themadmaddie  who is also a writer with her stuff at  Stories by Maddie

I met Maddie just a few days before I left Philadelphia and we have been dare I say electronic friends ever since.  I also used her name as a minor character in my next book, Primary Collision.

  French fries- Shoestring, steak, curly, crinkle cut..?   What condiment(s) on them?

How can I choose?! I would say shoestring. No condiments needed – I also have dietary restrictions that prevent them


 How long have you been writing and why?

    I have been writing since around 6 years old – depends on what you consider writing. I always had stories in my head but not always the ability to communicate them.
What odor to you is the most pleasant?


   Favorite things to read?  What genre?

   I don’t do a ton of reading. I enjoy stories by people – tales of how people endure huge challenges or daily life.


A boat you are riding in is about to capsize what did you do to contribute to this?

I was unable to stabilize it, obviously. 


What is the best thing about writing?

    It is a way to create whole worlds without boundaries.  When you can’t be creative, you can be technical. When you can’t be technical, you can find new words. When you can’t find words, you can create people. There is so much about the craft and study of the written word. 


 How much ground can a ground hog, hog, if a ground hog could hog ground?

Just because it could, doesn’t mean it would.


 What is the worst thing about writing?

Nothing. It’s when you don’t write…no writing is bad or lost or bad. 


If you could force one famous person to read your stuff who would you force, and how much would you force them to read?

  I have no idea. I don’t know much about famous people…I wouldn’t force anything, either.


  Where do you hope writing will lead you?

I would love to be published – I think the work and labor would be fun and enlightening. But, if not, I still enjoy the practice. 
Well that is my e-friend,  Maddie.  To understand why I enjoy her so much here is Maddie telling about Karl the Jello.
Next week an interview with – Jacopo Della Quercia

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