Interview – Jacopo Della Quercia

This is an interview with someone I follow on Twitter (who also follows me) @Jacopo_della_Q .  He is a writer with his stuff displayed at The Writings & Works of Jacopo Della Quercia.

I do not recall how I started following Jacopo on Twitter but I have enjoyed his posting there, and I just bought his book The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy.   I am up to chapter 3 and I am thoroughly enjoying it and really like the true historical footnotes in a fictional story.  

French fries- Shoestring, steak, curly, crinkle cut..?   What condiment(s) on them?

Steak.  I use ketchup on my fries (except for the rare occasions I’m having a burger overflowing with a cheese sauce.

How long have you been writing and why?

I have been writing for 8 years now. It started as a learning experiment. Now, it’s a fascinating, fun career!

What odor to you is the most pleasant?

My favorite odor is fresh mountain air.

Favorite things to read?  What genre?

I usually read non-fiction works for research, but I also love classics of every genre.

 A boat you are riding in is about to capsize what did you do to contribute to this?

I’m guessing I wrote for the boat to capsize due to the zeppelin crashing into it.

What is the best thing about writing?

When you’re a writer, you really can do whatever you want because it’s not somebody else’s book. It’s yours. I love the freedom of telling stories the way I want to. Sometimes I test new ideas, and other times, I try to make my readers appreciate little-known traits from past writers whom I admire.

How much ground can a ground hog, hog, if a ground hog could hog ground?

A groundhog can hog all the ground it wants, unless a bigger, meaner groundhog comes along and takes it stuff.

What is the worst thing about writing?

Jacopo della QuerciaThere’s a lot of waiting in writing they can be unbearable. Waiting for your advances, waiting for editorial reviews, waiting for proposals to be accepted, and so forth. To me, the worst of all is waiting for inspiration. I have so many ideas that I’ve been working on and nurturing for years but have yet to funnel into proposals. It drives me crazy. But then again, some ideas, like wine, are only ready when they’re ready.

If you could force one famous person to read your stuff who would you force, and how much would you force them to consume?

I’m guessing someone who could help me sell a bunch of copies with one review, like JK Rowling. And honestly, I wouldn’t force my writing on her. I think she would really like ‘License to Quill’ if she knew about it! I also wouldn’t mind it if Donald Trump or Sean Hannity spent a month hating on ‘The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy.’ I imagine such criticisms would turn the novel into an overnight bestseller!

Where do you hope writing will lead you? Full time novelist? Twitter Millionaire?

Honestly, I just want to be able to make enough as a novelist to continue writing them at my own pace. It’s not a lot of money now, but honestly, I don’t need a lot of money to survive. If enough people read and review my work, it would free me to write as many as several books a year! I guess that’s everything. Thanks so much for the questionnaire! I had fun.

The man has done a  metric crap ton of writing for and here is the evidence.

Next week the remarkable Steven Harris.


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