Tending the Stones for the Lock XIV

14th part of the new weekly story.  (1st Part)   The inspiration for this came from an off hand comment I made on Facebook, and since people seemed interested I decided to follow through.  Happy Reading. 

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Webb and Bridger stood on the far side of the massive table looking across it and at the amazing vista out the window.  The snow covering the black rocks made the scene outside both harsh and intimidating.   Neither man appreciated the beauty of it but it did give them both dark thoughts of pain and intimidation.

Webb spoke first.  “You were a fool for going after the book.”

Bridger continued to stare straight ahead but spoke just loud for Webb to hear him. “Your vaulted Dragon magic was no match for the old lady.”  Then he gave a small chuckle.

“Well at least I am still a Dragon, you lost all your charms, have you found any pants that fit yet?”

With that Bridger lost his temper and pulled out the knife that all members carried and turned towards Webb who took two steps away from his colleague.

“Enough.” The booming voice came thru the double doors that had opened.  Webb could feel the magical energy proceeding the man that was coming into the room.

Webb and Bridger immediately returned to their previous positions in the room, Bridger placing the knife back into his sheath.  They immediately lowered their heads so they were staring at their shoes.

“You two have proven that you are utterly useless.”  The strong male voice stated as he entered the room.

Neither man spoke and both fought the urge to disagree as was their nature, a nature they had cultivated their entire lives.  They had both worked at being manipulative, controlling and to never back down when directly challenged at least not in things that mattered.  But here with him they forced down their desire to fight back and disagree, they had both heard stories about disagreements with him and the consequences.


“My Master.”

“She is an old woman.” The voice stated.

“Yes she is Master.”

“Yes she is Master.”  The voice came back is a whiny teasing voice.  “And you, what are you about four inches taller than when you left?”

“Only three now Master.”

A fist pounded on the table.  “Only three inches taller than when you started the mission I gave you.  I other words you have lost all you charms, no magical ability that you have had for what is it five years.”

“Yes Master.”

Webb woke slowly as he looked up at the titles of the ceiling.  He looked towards his left and saw the burn spot on the wall three inches away, then Webb looked towards the table and saw Bridger’s boots that were still upright but now were empty except for a bit of blood that was running down the sides of them. It was then that the smell hit him, the very distinct odor of burnt human flesh.  Webb simply shook his head glad that it had not been him.  Webb looked up at the table and he saw it, a small statue.  Webb smiled, he was given a new assignment.

Meredith woke as the plane began its descent in St. Petersburg.  It had been three days since her mother had landed in St. Petersburg on the ferry and with any luck she would be able to find her in a hotel or sightseeing.  Meredith was a little bothered by the fact that her credit cards had not been used lately but her mother always carried a lot of cash on her so maybe she was using that to get around.

Meredith made her way down to retrieve her luggage and then stood in line to go thru customs.  She had been thru customs many times but this line was slower than any other she had been in before.  After fifteen minutes standing there after turning in her passport the customs official came back from what Meredith assumed was a coffee break as he was holding a steaming up and a pastry of some sort.  Meredith tried not to show her annoyance but she was unsure if she did a good job.  It did not matter if she showed her annoyance as the official seemed to not care one way or another.

Gathering up her passport and carry on bag she wheeled her luggage away from the customs desk and out towards the doors she saw her name on a large white board.  Meredith looked around unsure if the sign was for her.  Meredith approached the man holding the sign ‘Wallace’.   “Are you looking for me?”  She said to the man holding the sign.

“Meredith Wallace.”  The man said lowering his sign in his and reaching out his hand. “I was sent by the consulate to assist you.”

Meredith looked at him quizzically.  “But you are British?”

“Oh I am part of a task force that helps people in need, my American colleague is a little busy tonight and I am doing her a favor.”

“Oh I see.”

“Terribly sorry I forgot to introduce myself I am Basil Copley Webb.”



(1st Part) (2nd Part)  (3rd Part) (4th Part) (5th Part) (6th Part) (7th Part) (8th Part) (9th Part)(Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12)(Part 13)

Not crazy about the title, any suggestions will be duly considered.

The problem I have discovered with this type of writing is if I commit to something in the story there is no taking it back I just have to go with is and write my way out of it.  

If you would like to read my last weekly story, A Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art her it is. (Written in 2013, the same year my wife left me, so I was a different person back then, and I hope I have learned a lot about writing since then.)

If you want to see one of  my complete books try Disconnect in the Outfitters Universe.  


My Response:   The prophecy stated that in 60 years if the Stones were not properly aligned then the world would fall under the sway of the demon king for 1000 years. 1956 21 year old Emily the chosen one starts the quest. She arranges half the Stones around the planet, but then falls in love and life happens. Now it is 59 years later, Emily’s husband of 58 years passed away and one of the monks has found Emily and reminds her that she is the chosen one and needs to complete her task. Anyone interested?

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