Tending the Stones for the Lock XIX

19th part of the new weekly story.  (1st Part)   The inspiration for this came from an off hand comment I made on Facebook, and since people seemed interested I decided to follow through.  Happy Reading. 

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Emily unbuckled her seat belt and used her canes to get herself out of the seat.  Emily had been able to recline and be very comfortable in her seat the entire flight, and the leg room had allowed her to do her stretching exercises for the last half and hour before they landed.  The landing was bumpy but Ms. Mulan had warned them before that the runway was a little rough, it being dirt and crushed gravel but they would land with no problem.

She made her way to the back of the plane where the ramp was being lowered now and she lined up with High Pilgrim.  Everyone had been instructed several times not to deplane until both of the them had taken at least ten steps on Mongolian soil and if they could avoid it, not to leave the plane until Emily motioned it was okay.  She hated the fact that they had to take so many precautions but the Enfold was very strict in who came into their territory and how they were treated by the visitors.

The High Pilgrim raised his eyes and looked towards the west Emily followed his eyes and saw the yellow open air jeep approaching. “Is it Derek?”

“I cannot tell yet.” John answered.

They had talked on the plane about how to handle this meeting, and come up with contingency plans.  The biggest factor would be if Derek was greeting them or not. If he came out to greet them it boded well for their task, but if not then it could mean disastrous results for their mission.  The jeep closed the distance but it seemed to be slowing down and now it was moving at a crawl.  Both of them shaded their eyes against the sun to determine if Derek was in the car.


Meredith struggled to change her seat and get more comfortable.  The guard reached over and pressed the little silver stud on the seat that allowed her to lean back in her seat, she nodded thanks.  She moved the belt back so that the hinged handcuffs were centered on her body again and she leaned back in the chair.  That was a little better she thought.  This was the first time she had really relaxed since the man had showed up at her hotel room, until they boarded the plane she had fought against her captors, dragging her feet, going rigid in her seat, holding onto the door handle of the limousine at the airport.  Her hands still hurt when the pulled her and the door handle broke off in her grasp.  She had been so shocked that she had dropped the metal handle and it clattered on the pavement of the runway.  Once she was on the plane and they had buckled her into the seat she gave up for the time being.  There were at least three large men taking direction from the man in the suit but up to this point no one had hit her or even threatened her, they just causally muscled her from the hotel, into the car and then onto the private plane they were flying in now.  It worried her that they had never covered her eyes and used what she assumed where their real names when talking around her.

Meredith tried talking to the guards several times but they ignored her very effectively and the man in the suit was somewhere in the front of the plane doing god knows what.  The strange thing through it all she had never really been frightened.  Scared yes, but more of an abstract scared about what was going on, but she somehow had faith that everything would work out and she would return to her family safe and sound.  She listened to the men talk in a foreign language and tried to figure out what language it was but she could not place it, no words sounded familiar.  The three men were all large shouldered and dressed in sports jackets with khaki pants polo shirts and comfortable shoes.  Their race was no indication of where they were from, Korean, European and African with none of the language speakers seeming either uneasy in using the language the conversed in, seemingly at ease.

Her attention was so focused on the guards she did not hear the man in the suit walk down the aisle and stand in front of her till she gave a little cough.

“Mrs. Wallace?”

“Oh please don’t be so formal all my kidnappers call me Meredith.”

“As you wish Meredith, how are you feeling, would you like some water or food?”

“What I would really like is a phone to call my husband and the closest U.S. Embassy and order a battalion of Marines to come and rescue me.”

The man smiled a rather repulsive reptilian smile, one that made Meredith think of man who approached her once when she was a child.  That man had been looking for a lost puppy, but as soon as he said the words to her he had turned around and drove off.  It had been a very strange encounter and she had told her mother about and her mother had nodded knowingly and then took her home an made a wonderful batch of brownies.

“I am sorry, and I am not sure you will believe me, but we mean you no direct harm.”

Meredith looked at him.  “No direct harm, what does that mean?”

“It mean that I wish at this point in time to do you no physical harm,”  the man seemed to be weighing his words carefully.  “but our actions might cause you emotional harm because we intend to harm your mother to the point she will cease and desist her activities and allow us to do what we will in the world.”

Meredith looked at him, she was very confused. “What is it you think my mother is doing that in anyway interferes with you and your,”  she searched for a word. “friends.”

“Your mother is keeping the world from knowing the full and beautiful existence of my master.”  He paused as if in reverence. “Your mother and her friends are not only maintaining the locks that keep my master from entering this world but she is actually binding him more tightly then he has been bound in over a thousand years.”

Meredith rolled her eyes, she could not help her self.  The man was crazy and either he was rich and crazy or the people working for him were just as crazy, either way things were not looking any better.

“I see you think I am crazy,” the man said. “Normally I would strike you for such a thought, but I am trying something different, your mother does not believe us capable of such action, but for once, in a very long time I am being completely honest with someone, with no hidden agenda and no double meanings.”

Meredith looked at him suspiciously.

The man chuckled.  “Yes, but how would you know I am telling the truth, ah there is the rub.  For once I am telling them the complete and honest straight forward truth and they do not believe me, or have a reason to believe me.” The man smiled again.  “Well for starters I will tell you are destination, we are going to Japan.”

Meredith simply nodded.

“Have you ever been?”

Meredith shook her head.”

“But you have been to Korea, served there while in the Army.”

Meredith nodded suspiciously.

“Oh come now you do not think I would kidnap someone unless I have not done my homework.”


Brodie sat on the ramp and stared into the sun with everyone else. A few minutes ago Ms. Mulan had come down the ramp and sat down as well.

“Is the jeep still moving towards them?” Ms. Mulan asked no one in particular.

Ivan answered. “Slowly very slowly.”

“Does anyone know what Derek looks like?”  Holly asked looking at the slow moving jeep with a pair of binoculars.

Brodie knew that anything he said could be construed as worthless so he kept his mouth shut.  The others on the ramp did not respond either they just continued to watch the slow moving yellow jeep creep towards their senior aged chiefs of this journey.

“It stopped.”  Brodie stating the obvious.


(1st Part) (2nd Part)  (3rd Part) (4th Part) (5th Part) (6th Part) (7th Part) (8th Part) (9th Part)(Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12)(Part 13)(Part 14)(Part 15)(Part 16)  (Part 22)

Not crazy about the title, any suggestions will be duly considered.

The problem I have discovered with this type of writing is if I commit to something in the story there is no taking it back I just have to go with is and write my way out of it.  

If you would like to read my last weekly story, A Disinclined Purveyor of Sequential Art here it is. (Written in 2013, the same year my wife left me, so I was a different person back then, and I hope I have learned a lot about writing since then.)

If you want to see one of  my complete books try Disconnect in the Outfitters Universe.  


My Response:   The prophecy stated that in 60 years if the Stones were not properly aligned then the world would fall under the sway of the demon king for 1000 years. 1956 21 year old Emily the chosen one starts the quest. She arranges half the Stones around the planet, but then falls in love and life happens. Now it is 59 years later, Emily’s husband of 58 years passed away and one of the monks has found Emily and reminds her that she is the chosen one and needs to complete her task. Anyone interested?

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