Looking for a Backpacking Lady, actually a very specific one.

She was Heading South

I was Heading North

She was backpacking alone

I was with my Boy Scouts teaching skills

She was finishing a multi-day trip on the Laurel Highland Trail (between Grindle Ridge and Route 653, Saturday, June 10, 2017)

I was on my first full day on the trail

She was bubbly, cute, friendly and in a few minutes was able to teach my Scouts what a zero day was.

She had her gear designed well and knew what she was doing.

I was making a repair to a hip belt on a pack with a Swiss army knife, duct tape and a zip tie and she offered to help.

She was smart, perceptive, articulate, and confident.

I am infatuated with her and can’t get her out of my head.

The only thing I knew about her is that she lives somewhere near Johnstown, PA.  She also had a pink rain cover, pepper spay and a very handy lip balm container on her right shoulder strap.

Time Out: 

Rebuttal from the cynical/skeptical part of my brain. 

You will not find her, and if she read this she will start inquiring into how to obtain a restraining order against the creeper she very, very, very briefly met on the trail. 

If she is all that you say she is, she has a serious relationship and if that person reads this they will begin to plan your demise you big old dummy. 

If by some one in million chance you meet her on the trail you will remember why being pepper sprayed sucks so much.  You will have to use your limited water in your Nalgene bottles to wash it off and then you will look awful funny rubbing you face with leaves when you run out of water.

Okay Time In daydreaming Writer Boy.

I do not want to find her, if she is:

a) married

b) engaged or serious about someone

c) just not interested

Well at least you are not totally cuckoo for choco puffs Writer Boy.

If she is not available I would rather just go on thinking about her, hoping that I might run into her on the trail sometime.  Maybe we will both be going in same direction with the same destination at the end of the day. Maybe I will be filtering water into my Nalgene bottle at a stream and she will ask how it is going and I will recognize her and maybe she will recognize me.

I will definitely recognize her. 

Dream on Writer Boy this is the stuff that makes people shake their head and say, ‘he was much nicer when he kept his dreams to himself, what a fantasist’.  I can also see this screwing up a future relationship when some girl accidentally starts dating you she reads this and then wonders if you are still thinking about Backpacking Lady. 

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny “What a maroon”. 


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