Tending the Stones for the Lock, XXIV

23nd part of the new weekly story.  (1st Part)   The inspiration for this came from an off hand comment I made on Facebook, and since people seemed interested I decided to follow through.  Happy Reading. 

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“You have a deficiency.”  Austin said in the same room he had examined Brodie in.

“Nothing a couple of nights in my own bed would not cure along with a couple of massages and some regular naps in my recliner.”   Mrs. Emily said examining the blue crystal set in the ring that Austin had tried to use on Brodie earlier.  “Is this from the trolls?”

“Do not try and change the subject Ms. Emily, you need to take it easy and recharge your energy.”

“I have only met three Trolls in my time, a mother and her two sons.”

“Not Dannila?”

Ms. Emily snapped her fingers. “Yeah that was her name is she the one that took you into the caverns?”

Austin sighed and put his hands on his hips. “You did it again changing the subject. You have been protecting Brodie.”  It was not a question. “I sensed that his has been under your protection but he would not allow me to fully diagnosis him.”  Mrs. Emily looked at him with a small look of surprise, Austin answered her question. “He was not sure he could trust me without your ‘Ok.” Austin stepped back and placed his hands on his hips and switched to an authorities tone.  “You need one day of touching the ground.  No flying, no moving around, I want you barefoot.”

Ms. Emily quipped quickly. “And pregnant?”

Austin rolled his eyes.  “I am serious one full day touching the ground, my yurt has a dirt floor, and is warm and I have been working on a great green citrus tea mix.”

Ms. Emily shrugged her shoulders.  “How is your internet connection?”

Austin looked at her puzzled.

“I have to send some e-mails and I do not want to use the C.I.A. connection on this plane.”

Austin looked around at the interior of the place a bit shocked.  “You stole a C.I.A. plane?”‘

Emily shrugged again. “They donated it temporarily.”


Mrs. Emily settled into the improvised recliner made from a camping cot and numerous pillows and blankets, she ensured that both of her feet were flat on the ground making contact with mother Earth.  She had a book she had taken off the plane, Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island, what a hard back edition of the book was doing on a C.I.A plane was a mystery, she flipped several pages and found her spot, she had never used book marks or dog eared pages but she was always able to find the page in a book within a few turns almost always forward never back.  She wondered if the skill was part of being The Chosen One, not that it was worth the effort to figure out but it was an interesting phenomenon.

“This won’t hurt?”

“Not in the least at the very most you might hear or feel a humming in your head, but no one has ever said it was unpleasant, just curious.”

“Okay.”  The voice of Brodie responded from behind the screen which separated Austin’s examination and treatment area from the rest of the his yurt.

“I just need you to lay still for about an hour it will be fine if you fall asleep.”  Austin’s calm and reassuring voice instructed.

The slightly worried voice of Brodie answered.  “Okay.”  The worried tone was normal for the man and Ms. Emily did not sense anything other than normal concern in his voice.

The next hour was quiet as Emily made good progress on the book, getting to one of the mysterious gifts left for the castaways when there was a stirring behind privacy screen.   “Brodie you can wake up now.”

“Are we all done?”


There was a bit of shuffling around and Brodie and Austin came around the screen.  “Would you like to know what I found?”

Brodie simply nodded and finished buttoning up his shirt.

“Do you mind if Ms. Emily hears?”  Austin said looking back and forth between the two of them.

“No not at all.”  Brodie answered without hesitation.

Austin nodded. “You have a clean bill of health, both physically and magically, although your spirt, aura or soul, whatever you call it has grown significantly as of the last several weeks. But I think you knew that.”

Brodie gave a shrug and a nod at the same time, unsure how to process the information but seemingly to accept it for what it was. “But I am alright otherwise?”

“Oh yes, tip top shape.”  Austin replied.

“And Ms. Emily will be fine with a day of rest?”  Brodie asked.

Austin nodded.  “Yes, as long as she gets a complete day of rest like I have prescribed, you see as we get older our spirt and body start to converge and compliment each other, so one starts to influence the other, when a soul is strong it strengths the body, although it helps if both grow strong before the age of sixty or seven, that way they support each other equally.”

Brodie nodded.

“Well now that we have been checked out by the good doctor and he says we are both fine can you return to the plane and get my laptop I have not checked my e-mail in a while and I am sure my children are throwing a fit about how long I have been out of touch.”

“I thought I put the laptop in my backpack?”  Brodie said reaching for his leather bag.

“You did, but I got it out before we left the plane this morning and forgot to put it back in.”

Brodie nodded and turned toward Austin.  “The plane is that way right.”  He said pointing towards the east.

Austin nodded and pointed in the same direction Brodie had just pointed.

Brodie nodded and left the yurt and Austin secured the door behind him so the occasional wind would not grab it when he got back inside he saw the look in Ms. Emily’s eye.  The same look a parent gave him before asking about the truth of a child’s condition.  “Well?”

“I said he was fine and he is.”


“His aura changed significantly lately, obviously from his encounter with the dragon, the green in his nature is fading a bit and the blue is coming on stronger.”

Ms. Emily nodded. Green meant nurturing, a shift to a more bluish color meant he would feel more protective. “A major change?”

Austin shrugged now.  “It is not an exact science, heck at this point it is much more art than science, but it might have been changing anyways due to all this globetrotting you have been exposing him too.”

Ms. Emily nodded.  She liked Brodie, but everyone changed in their lives, it was natural and inevitable at least in healthy people.  She pitied the people that never grew, that never changed they were poor souls.



Sorry folks for the long time between entries.   Will try and get back on track for once a week.  


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