Tending the Stones for the Lock, XXVIII

28th part of the new weekly story.  (1st Part)   The inspiration for this came from an off hand comment I made on Facebook, and since people seemed interested I decided to follow through.  Happy Reading. 

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“Young people are so excitable.”  The High Pilgrim said as Holly went running past.

“Yes, well it is both a blessing and a curse.”  Mrs. Emily said as she dunked her tea bag. Brodie did not run but quickly walked past the two sitting elders.

“What is your plan for Soysan?”

“Well John I thought maybe start with a parely and go from there.”

“Should I reach out to the shamans in the area, maybe provide a little additional intell and a heads up on anything unforeseen.”

“If you would be so kind of you John and I think very wise.”  Mrs. Emily said.  She motioned for the sugar bowl which the High Pilgrim passed to her. “Isn’t Bom still living near Tongducheon.

The High Pilgrim did not answer her but dunked his tea bag somewhat more enthusatically and then checked the kettle of hot water.

“You”  Mrs. Emily dragged out the u. “not answering a question John?”

“To answer your question yes Bom is still in the area and most of the shamans in the area talk to her on a regular basis.”

“On a regular basis and how do you know that.”  Mrs. Emily said in a teasing tone.

The High Pilgrim rolled his eyes after a few moments of stirring his teas he spoke. “Bom is Han’s cousin.”

Mrs. Emily looked over at Hans who looked up at the mention of his name. “He does not look Korean.”

“Second cousin on my mother’s side.”

“How very wonderful Hans, do you see her much?”

“Not as much as I would like.”  Hans replied.

“Well then this will be a family reunion then.”

Hans simply nodded.

“Well I should go and meditate and give Bom a heads up as to the situation.”

“Thank heaven for the astral plain.”  Mrs. Emily said.

“Sort of a mixed metaphor on that one Emily.”  The High Pilgrim said gathering up his robes and passing by her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Life is like a box of chocolates garbage in, garbage out.”

The High Pilgrim moaned at the bad joke of his old friend.


“Why is there a Mig tailing us.”  Holly said climbing back into the co-pilots seat.

“I do not know, but that one out there keeps getting closer and closer.”  Sally said tossing her towards her side of the plane.

“How close?”  Sally did not reply right away so Holly looked past her friend and out the window.  There about a wingspan away was a Chinese Mig fighter plane.   “Oh that close.”

Brodie entered the cockpit.  “Are we in some sort of trouble?”

“Good question Brodie.  My answer I don’t know.” Sally said.

“Incoming call.”  Holly said noteing the light on the communications panel. “You want me to answer it.”

“Ah yeah.”

Brodie watched as Holly placed the headset on her head and adjusted the microphone.

“Hotel, Charlie, Tango two fiver, responding to calling station.

“Holly wonderful to hear from you dear is the lovely Sally there.”

“Ah yes General Wu she is, but your planes are giving her a bit of concern.”

“Oh well sorry but if you would direct her to look out the window and just as soon as she does the planes will return home.”  The general’s voice changed and a clear and distinct order was spoken in Mandarain.

Sally looked over towards the plane.  “What the heck?”

Brodie leaned over and looked out the window and saw the pilot holding up a boquet of red roses lite by a flashlight.  “What the heck?”

“Tell the General thank you.”

Holly activated the microphone. “She really likes the roses General and she cannot wait to have dinner with you”

“There will be more on our date, it will be a night to remember.”

Sally rolled her eyes in response but just as she did the Chinese fighter veered away from the larger jet.

Sally reached out and toggled the switch to speak.  “I am counting the moments General.”

“Until we meet in person sweet sweet Sally.”

Holly terminated the connection.

“I hate a man that trys too hard.”

“Not to mention how much fuel he had to burn to get those birds up here and fly alongside us.”

Brodie shook his head and wondered what he had done to deserve the circus that his life had become.

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